Computer sortation, labeling and packaging cell - Courtesy of Simplimatic Automation

Computer Sortation, Labeling and Packaging System FANUC Authorized Systems Integrator, Simplimatic Automation, has designed and built a custom labeling, sortation and packaging system for computers. This system streamlines the process of sorting and packaging computers and parts for delivery to warehouses and customers. The process begins by scanning and labeling incoming computer towers according to type. The towers are then conveyed to a custom package feeding cell where a FANUC M-20iA robot is picking and separating packaging materials for the computer towers and dropping them into a chute, delivering the cardboard packaging molds to a manual packing station. The molds are then fitted onto the computer towers by hand before the computer towers are conveyed to the case packaging cell. Before the computer materials can be packaged, a FANUC R-2000iC robot constructs boxes (cases) for the computer parts to be packaged in. Once the boxes are constructed, the boxes are conveyed to the case packing cell. Computer towers are then picked and placed (packed) into their respective boxes. Customer information and tracking materials are printed onto the boxes using "invisible" ink and scanned - the invisible QR code is read using U/V light and a camera. After the boxes are scanned, a FANUC M-710iC robot picks the correct computer keyboard, scans it, and places it within the specified box. The boxes are then conveyed to the next area where LED lights will indicate to a production worker what additional computer materials need to be hand placed into each box (computer cords, etc.). Once the production work is completed, the boxes are released to the case packing area and sealed for shipping. The sealed boxes are conveyed to the last cell where each box is scanned and labeled by a FANUC M-10iD robot. The labels convey contents of each box along with warehouse and shipping information. Keep it Smart. Keep it Simple. 1-800-294-2003 www.simplimatic.com