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What is smart farming and what do FAULHABER drive systems have to with it? In this video, Kevin Moser, our expert for the agriculture market, talks about the benefits of smart farming solutions and the requirements for the drives used in them. Smart farming increases efficiency With an ever growing population, climate change and a shortage of human personnel, agriculture has to face enorme challenges already today and in the future. Smart technology like agricultural robots or automated green houses have the potential to deliver support and increase efficiency in farming. Technologies for smart farming require drive systems that are robust and reliable and take up as little space as possible - like the compact drive systems from FAULHABER. ???? Video chapters 0:00 Challenges of the agricultural industry 0:32 Enabling technologies and approaches 0:59 Indoor Vertical Farming 1:18 Farm Automation 1:43 Livestock Farming 1:52 Smart farming with smart Drive Systems About our expert: Kevin Moser has a double master's degree in industrial engineering and mechanical engineering. He joined FAULHABER in 2016 and in his role as Outside Business Development Manager supports our international sales teams in opening up new markets and optimally meeting the market and application-specific needs of our customers. ???? Join our webinar for an in-depth look into smart farming solutions: Tue, Apr 16, 2024 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM CEST Register here: ???? Further useful resources: How to select the components for a maximum efficient drive system - FAULHABER Drive Time: How to use the FAULHABER Drive Calculator - Input values - FAULHABER Drive Time: Overview of Drive Electronics (1) - FAULHABER Drive Time Find out more about drive systems for agricultural robots and smart farming: ℹ️ Follow our YouTube channel for more application advice on drive systems from FAULHABER. From the selection of the right motor for your project to frequently asked questions around our products or the solution to a particular problem. #agriculture #robotics #FAULHABER



The motor driven roller from Lenze

Die Motorrolle von Lenze Besetzen Sie die Hauptrolle in Ihrer Fördertechnik neu. Intralogistiklösungen in Lagerhallen, Flughäfen oder Distributionszentren profitieren von den unendlichen Möglichkeiten, die unsere neue Motorrolle für die Gestaltung von Förderanlagen bietet. Die aktive getriebelose Motorrolle bewirbt sich für verschiedenste Anwendungen in Ihren Förderanlagen: – Bis zu 2x so leistungsstark wie andere MDR durch das innovative Antriebskonzept – 30 % Energieeinsparung im Vergleich zu konventionellen MDR und Wirkungsgrad aufwärts IE7 bis IE9 durch geringe Reibungsverluste – Geräuscharmer Betrieb dank des Nonius-Prinzips – Verringerte Variantenanzahl: Eine für alle Drehzahlen und Drehmomente – Flexibilität der Spannung: mit 24 und 48 VDC The motor driven roller from Lenze Take on a new leading role in your conveyor technology. Intralogistics solutions in warehouses, airports or distribution centers benefit from the endless possibilities that our new motor driven roller offers for your conveyor design. The active gearless MDR is suitable for a wide range of applications in your conveyor systems: - Up to 2x as powerful as other MDRs thanks to the innovative motor design - 30 % energy savings compared to conventional MDR and efficiency level upward IE7 – IE 9 - Quiet operation with design based on Vernier-principal - Minimal variance: One covering all speed and torques - Voltage flexibility: Single variant can run on 24 and 48 VDC