WEG ADL500 the Ultimate Inverter for Elevator

Smart, flexible and unique in safety The ADL500 elevator drive series is a new technology that fuses innovation, efficiency and safety. This drive is available in three models, the ADL510, ADL530 and the ADL550. ADL510 Designed to be simple and easy to install in case of asynchronous motors typical of low-rise buildings or modernization both in open and close loop. ADL530 Designed to control both geared and gearless motors with integrated On-board Universal encoder interface (EnDat, SinCos, BiSS and Digital Incremental) and built-in CAN port for communication by CANopen 301 and CANopen Lift 417 are ready to use. ADL550 With advanced safety functions: Safe Torque Off SIL3 (phase contactor-less), Safe Brake Test (SBT) to check the motor brakes effectiveness, and the Safe Brake Control SIL3 that replaces the electro-mechanical brakes contactors by internal electronics with the accessory EBC500 (brake contactor-less). Elevator Positioning Control (EPC) that allows to have a better comfort with the direct approach and precise floor levelling even for very high demanding elevators. Stand-by management, where the power part of the drive is shut off to eliminate the energy consumption during the idle state. ADL550-ICS The Integrated Control System creating one single environment between the inverter and the control card, optimizing the commissioning and the startup of the electronic parts of the elevator. Ask more to WEG Automation Europe: info.motion@weg.net #weg #somosweg #thisisweg #wegautomationeurope #ADL500 #liftsolutions #liftengineer #elevator #elevadores #asansor #lift