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High performance in form-fill-sealing with HDG – automated by B&R

In a market demanding increased variety and frequent changes in product and packaging, builders of packaging machinery rely on adaptive automation technology. B&R's product transport system ACOPOStrak enables production of increased product variety on a single line without compromises on quality in the food & beverage, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical industries. The FLX horizontal form-fill-sealing machine from HDG stands out as the epitome of adaptability. A swift 5-minute changeover between packaging formats makes it a game-changer for industries like food and beverage, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals. The ACOPOStrak intelligent transport system allows for control of each product, dynamically adjusting the distance between the independent shuttles to accommodate different formats and to open the pouches, avoiding the need for extra equipment. ACOPOStrak makes it possible to decouple sequential processes, and enables parallel operation at multiple stations. This results in increased throughput, fault tolerance, and operational efficiency. With an emphasis on user-friendly operation and easy cleaning, HDG's FLX ensures higher quality, increased uptime, and a rapid return on investment. HDG offers customers in the home and personal care industry the adaptive manufacturing capabilities with B&R expertise they need to succeed in today's dynamic markets. Learn more: https://www.br-automation.com/en/technologies/adaptive-manufacturing/adaptive-applications/ #AdaptiveManufacturing #InnovativeTechnology #SmartManufacturing #ProductVariety