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Temperature profiling - Multipoint temperature assemblies for industrial process vessel monitoring Discover reliable multipoint temperature measurement technology and pre-engineered solutions for vessel temperature monitoring in Oil & Gas, Chemical and Energy process applications. Multipoint thermocouple or resistance temperature detector sensors are widely used in the process industry. From condition monitoring in bulk storage tanks and silos to reactor control in fluid catalytic cracking units, the instruments monitor optimum heat distribution in process vessels, ensuring clean, safe and profitable operations. Extreme process conditions can pose a challenge for measurement instrumentation. In the petrochemical and refining industry, catalytic hydroprocessing units such as hydrotreaters, hydrodesulfurization and hydrocracker units rely on high-performance catalyst technologies to maximize product conversion while efficient reaction control seeks to keep the environmental footprint and cost down. Precise and reliable temperature mapping of densely packed reactor catalyst beds therefore makes an essential contribution to stable and profitable unit operations. These processes require robust multipoint temperature instruments with thermocouple sensors that can take the heat – figuratively and literally. They play an essential role in preventing hotspots and premature catalyst deactivation under high-temperature, high-pressure and corrosive conditions. Sensor failure can have devastating consequences. In an industry first, Endress+Hauser iTHERM MultiSens temperature assemblies offer pre-engineered, easily configurable solutions with advanced technology such as iTHERM ProfileSens designed to maximize useful instrument life under the most challenging process conditions. Endress+Hauser devices, solutions and services are at home in many industries. Customers thus use them to gain valuable knowledge from their applications. This enables them to improve their products, work economically and at the same time protect people and the environment. Endress+Hauser is a reliable partner worldwide. Own sales companies in 50 countries as well as representatives in another 70 countries ensure competent support. Production facilities on five continents manufacture quickly and flexibly to the highest quality standards. Learn more about multipoint temperature solutions at iTHERM ProfileSens TS901 multi-thermocouple sensor technology: