#TÜVAUSTRIA150 - 150 years of safety & quality by TÜV AUSTRIA Group

On the eve of the 150th anniversary of the founding of TÜV AUSTRIA, this Austrian group of companies with international operations hosted a ceremony at the TÜV AUSTRIA Technology & Innovation Center in Vienna. 300 guests from business, science, research, politics and public authorities accepted TÜV AUSTRIA’s invitation on Friday evening to celebrate TÜV AUSTRIA 150 and live the future together. In a video greeting, Austrian President Alexander Van der Bellen expressed his congratulations on the “special birthday for a special Austrian company”, which has been providing technical safety and security for all sectors of business and industry, in cities, in communities, in the workplace and in private living environments for 150 years. What began in Vienna on June 11, 1872, the president continued, has long since become an internationally acclaimed red-white-red success story. No Good Future without Safety and Security The host of the gala evening, Lisa Gadenstätter, talked about our success story in the talk show #TÜVAUSTRIA150 with TÜV AUSTRIA President Kommerzialrat Dipl.-Ing. Johann Marihart, and the executive board of TÜV AUSTRIA Group, CEO Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Stefan Haas and CFO Mag. Christoph Wenninger. President Marihart stressed that without safety and security, there would be no good future. “TÜV AUSTRIA ensures this safety and security, lives the future, and secures the future.” According to Marihart, the Group’s most important asset is its dedicated employees, with their knowledge and expertise in all matters relating to technical safety. “For that safety, they have at all times boldly thought their way into best-chance and, of course, worst-case scenarios. This was done with an unbridled spirit of research and innovation, always with customized solutions, always at the cutting edge of technology, always as a partner to industry and as an enabler.” A Companion to New Technologies Stefan Haas, CEO of TÜV AUSTRIA Group, outlined the Company’s recipe for success for 150 years. “Knowing how safe you need to be, knowing what our customers really need, where they stand with their safety and security – and meeting each of our customers according to their specific needs. In a complex world that has in part become very confusing, it is always good to have a competent companion at your side. This is what we see ourselves as.” Its diverse operations, Haas said, have earned a great deal of trust for the Group. That applies to all sectors of the economy, to legislative bodies, to science and research, to administration, and to consumers. “A trust that has seen us grow continuously and has made us what we are today.” 3,000 Employees at 60 Companies in 31 Countries Christoph Wenninger, CFO of TÜV AUSTRIA Group, went on to explain how “Living the Future” is practiced by TÜV AUSTRIA on a daily basis. “Thinking ahead, having suitable solutions and developing them, gaining the trust of customers – and retaining it – is only possible if everything fits together internally within the organization.” At TÜV AUSTRIA, everything fits together very well. “Our group of companies has a terrific team. Approximately 3,000 employees, their team spirit and their motivation go to create the conditions for us having had a future since 1872 – now for 60 companies in 31 countries.” An “Imperial” Visit A visit by “Emperor Robert Heinrich I” caused a sensation and a great deal of merriment among the guests at the event. The visiting sovereign was highly astonished and impressed by the constant further development of the Austrian pioneer of steam boiler safety into a digital, sustainable company with international operations. World Premiere for RISE (Remote Inspection System Edge) To mark the occasion, TÜV AUSTRIA CEO Stefan Haas then also presented a world premiere: RISE (Remote Inspection System Edge). This is a hardware and software solution conceived, developed and implemented by TÜV AUSTRIA. For the first time, it enables 24/7 monitoring of industrial plants, pressure vessels and industrial components. The use of artificial intelligence also ensures that susceptibility to faults can be predicted and service life calculations performed for components that are monitored. The official part of Living the Future, TÜV AUSTRIA’s 150 year celebration, came to an end with the planting of an evergreen oak in the greenspace of the TÜV AUSTRIA Technology & Innovation Center by President Johann Marihart and executive board members Stefan Haas and Christoph Wenninger. For interested guests, special tours through the TÜV AUSTRIA Technology & Innovation Center offered plenty of special insights into testing, inspection, research and development.