airWiper Kit outdoorScan3 demonstrates effectiveness in SICK’s Outdoor Technology Center

How can you ensure continuous, safe productivity in the outdoors, even in rainy conditions? By cleaning the optics cover with air pressure right after contamination, the airWiper Kit outdoorScan3 is contributing to a high availability of your industrial vehicle. In this video, we demonstrate how the airWiper Kit outdoorScan3 works when installed on our test vehicle: Letting it stop safely when deactivated, allowing an automatic restart when activated and even avoiding any stop at all when set to preventive cleaning mode. These functions make the airWiper Kit outdoorScan3 an outstanding solution where downtimes in your outdoor automation tasks need to be reduced to a minimum. Click here for more information: If you like this video, please give us a like below and subscribe to our channel. Follow us: Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn: Instagram: For information and general inquiries please contact: