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SELMO Technology - Digital-First-Strategy - from bottom up.

How it works: Every Bit digital visible - IOT - BigData - Smart Production from bottom up. You can´t hear it eather? New keywords and ideas for digitization every day: Internet of things, edge technology, big data, smart production and so on. Every day you try to keep your competitive advantage, reduce costs and become more productive. Spezifications for your digitization do not apply form top to bottom. They get lost in the complexity of solution approaches of various specialists. What you want is: + Make data from every machine clearly and easily visible + Operate machines easily and stably + Design the machines with a uniform structure and user interface Instead of grey theory and expert discussions, SELMO relies on "Digital-First-Strategy". Digitization from the bottom up. Every single bit and every parameter becomes digitally visible. Unique and stable software that is easy to understand and generated automatically. SELMO prevents conversion errors and brings the specifications down to the last bit. SELMO makes it happen: + Machines are simple and always structured in the same way + Machines are digitally visible and generated automatically + Machines - productions - companies - are going digital from the ground up If Complexity equals uncertainty, then Selmo solves complexity from the bottom to top and creates the new data security in your digitization strategy. Make an appointment now and convince yourself of the SELMO Technology! Get digitally fit with the First-Mover-Advantage! Save 25 % on your first sequences! Every Bit Under Control

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