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Automated Beam Welding Solutions, Courtesy of AGT Robotics

BeamMaster AGT introduced the BeamMaster to fill the gap left by the skilled labor shortage. The BeamMaster is designed to tackle the bulk of structural steel welding jobs - allowing fabricators to apply their skilled welders to more challenging tasks. The BeamMaster’s superior productivity, consistent weld quality and ease of operation enables one operator to produce the same output as up to four welders. Featuring the best return on investment in the industry, it is easy to see why the BeamMaster is now the most used robotic welding system for structural steel fabrication in North America. LayoutMaster As a compliment to the BeamMaster’s welding capabilities, AGT introduces its Digital Fitting Assistant – the LayoutMaster. Using full color, laser projection, the LayoutMaster brings technology to your fitting operations - eliminating the need for skilled fitters while generating an impressive output of up to five times current manual methods. Cortex The secret to the success of the LayoutMaster and BeamMaster lies with AGT’s proprietary CORTEX software. Cortex harnesses the power of Tekla to create accurate layouts, precise robot programs and quality welding processes in three easy steps. Tekla models can be exported with just one click using the Cortex Plug-in. Choose a single beam or an entire building project and Cortex immediately goes to work to create the best welding solution. The results are downloaded to the factory floor and ready to use without the need for programmers or skilled technicians. It’s that easy! AGT - Automated Welding and Fitting at a fraction of the cost of competitive solutions. Our team is ready to help you take the next step into the future! Visit us online at:

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